The truth about having anal sex

When it comes to sex, anal used to be one of the big no-no taboo’s however due to porn and people’s continued sexual opening, anal sex has become more or less a staple of many people’s sex lives, however it isn’t exactly present just everywhere yet. There are quite a few myths about anal which aren’t precisely true, so in this article we’ll try to shed some light on this popular topic:

You cannot get an STD from anal sex?

This is false, in fact you’re MORE likely to get a sexually transmitted disease from anal than you are from regular, vaginal sex. Heck according to many prestigious sources, anal is twice as likely to result in a transmission of disease than sharing needles after a drug injection, how crazy is that!?

It doesn’t feel good for women?

This is another blatant lie, while it’s true that women, unlike men don’t have a prostate, that doesn’t mean there still aren’t many nerve endings in the area. This means that anal sex is still very pleasurable, regardless of sex, in fact while over 40 percent of women have at some point participated in anal sex, those that have done it within their last sexual encounter have had a 94 percent rate of orgasm!

You can just start with no preparation.

Another myth, anal isn’t like in porn where they seemingly just start ramming the girl dry, it usually involves some preparation. Firstly, it requires lube, because going in dry HURTS, and secondly it usually takes girls a few encounters to make her feel better when it comes to it, as the asshole is neither self lubricating nor as easy to spread as the vagina itself is.

We hope this article has made you a bit more knowledgeable about the subject, if you want to see more like this, check the other articles on our site!

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