Swingers and Swinging on the rise in America

Swinging, a practice where within a couple, one or both of the participants engage in sexual conduct with people outside of this couple. This is usually cheating, however in swinger relationships, both partners are aware of each others practices, and approve of them. Now this may seem straight up outrageous to some, repulsive to others, however a lot of people consider swinging a perfectly moral and enjoyable thing to do.

Swinging is especially on the rise in the US, where the new wave of sexual liberation has lead to a major raise in swinger population. A strange part of the swinger business is that over 90 percent of swingers are religious, a majority of them being white, as well as either republicans, or ultra-rich democrats. Swingers claim that their behavior doesn’t hurt within the relationship, however it instead replaces the usual feelings of jealousy with a deeper understanding of each other and their desire, as well as improving their sex lives back at home. In fact, over 60% of swingers say that it has improved their relationship from monogamy, this is in line with human biology, which weren’t wired for precisely monogamous relationships.

Authorities on the topic say that swinging causes a decrease in satisfaction in under  10% of cases, it’s not difficult to see why a lot of people support swinging. There are also swinger parties where swingers get along with each other to swap partners and have fun, these parties have been so wild that even non swinging men and women have been going to them to enjoy each other some more.

With all of this said, swinging isn’t quite well enough explored to guarantee that it will make your relationship better. Despite this, it is definitely worth a shot to spice it up.

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