How to get your woman to give you oral sex

All guys like blowjobs, it’s no secret that men like being on the receiving end, however it is oftentimes difficult to communicate this desire to their female partners, which is why we’re here today, to help you explain to your SO/Wife/Sex friend that you want more oral sex, and convince them to oblige.

Talk to them.

This may be surprising, but women don’t tend to understand just how much men enjoy oral. They might think they’re giving you as much as you need, while they actually aren’t. If you’re talking to a mature person that cares about you, they should listen to your needs. This obviously isn’t always an option, if it’s a casual partner or your partner is a bit selfish, or even inexperienced they might still not understand your needs.

Offer to give some to them back.

Women too, love oral, they love it when you put your head between their legs and go to town. This is more likely to work on casual partners, although when it comes to serious partners, it isn’t half bad of a method either. Women usually hesitate to ask for oral, so when you start giving them more, they’ll feel obliged to give more back, leading to a sexy and satisfied loop of both sided pleasure.

Negotiate an open relationship.

This isn’t always an ideal solution, however if your partner really really hates giving oral, and is absolutely not willing to do it, then you might need an open relationship to satisfy your needs. You could talk to her calmly, and explain that while your emotional connection is strong, you simply have physical needs she is not willing to fulfill.

Now, with all these in mind, it’s important to remember that you cannot MAKE anyone give you oral, however if you feel your needs are unmet, it might be wisest to simply leave.

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