Xhamster Vs YouPorn Which Porn Tube site is better

The world of porn tube sites is incredibly vast, all these sites offering free pornography, they all seem the same at first glance, however taking a second look at them, they’re all different in their own intricate ways. From old giants like Youporn or Xhamster to newer additions to this extensive lineup such as Spankbang. They’re all competing to what amounts to be a fairly limited field. They cannot all reach the heights that sites like PornHub have, and that they all crave, so they compete, in ways so subtle the average viewer may not even notice. Today we’re comparing Youporn and Xhamster two giants of old, both making a huge resurgence in 2018.

First off, there’s the matter of popularity, after all the more popular a porn site, the more people have deemed it worthy of their attention for the time. According to our sources, the difference is marginal, so these two sites are quite close to each other in popularity.

After this comes website design, both of these sites are superbly designed, and quite similar, for example both have filters, ways to categorize porn, however in our opinion Youporn holds a distinct advantage in that its dark design is easier on the eyes, this makes the nighttime viewing of porn much easier to handle in practice. It is also much less of a strain on the eyes than Xhamster’s white design which by itself is quite annoying to look at.

When it comes to amount of content, again they differ. YouPorn has more professional content, so if you’re looking for some new, re hosted porn, then YouPorn is the much better choice when it comes to this, however if amateur or old porno films are what capture your interest, then XHamster may be the move. This is because at large, XHamster has much more old/amateur content than its opponent.

That said, these two sites are largely similar and neck in neck, the main distinction between them being merely the designs and some difference in content, this is mostly because both are owned by the same parent company, which makes them quite similar. That said, we hope this comparison has helped you understand the pros and cons of these two admittedly quite similar sites, and that it’s helped you decide which of them to use next time you need a good wank.